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It’s the beginning of summer but it’s been so hot, I am already drained from the heat and tired of watering my lawn.  My succulent plants however, are loving it!  I miss the Spring and even though I traveled A LOT, there were some good times…like beautiful Coronado.  I especially miss my morning walks along the bay, listening to the waves and passing joggers with their very well-behaved dogs.  Watching the fishermen get set up for their first cast and briskly walking to get my AM coffee only to stroll back slowly taking in the warm sun and cold breeze.  Along this path is Candelas – a wonderful Spanish-French restaurant – and Il Fornaio – an Italian restaurant that is just gorgeous!  In the evening, these places are bustling with activity, laughter wafting through the patio and lots of wine being poured.  In the morning, it’s serene and as the sun comes up it covers the buildings like a golden blanket – light pouring in the windows waking up the interior for a new day.  Here’s a pic so you can daydream with me…ENJOY!

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