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I’m tired.  Everything hurts including my fingertips.  So on that note, I am deciding to take a break from the cleaning fumes and tell you about our weekend in Granville, OH.

Our trip was in January.  There was no snow on the ground and the sun was shining.  No crowds, no traffic, no five layers of coat on sweater.  It was divine.  We stayed at the charming, historic Granville Inn.  Other than making our room reservation we had no idea what we would do or where we would eat.  The town itself could fit into your pocket but surprisingly, we filled an entire day passing through shops and meeting the locals.

We started with a coffee at Village Coffee Company and after some shopping stumbled into the restaurant Bella for lunch.  Bella was pretty and the soup was good, but the place was virtually empty EXCEPT for the wood-burning pizza oven I spied in the back of the room.  Sorry – no pizza served at lunch. 

I won’t forget you pizza oven – just you wait and see.

The remainder of our afternoon included the crazy-cool vintage shop, Footloose, where we met “the dude” and Goumas Candymakers where we heard a story of chocolate rivalry that could be turned into a Lifetime movie of the week.  Seriously, by 4:30PM we knew most of the dirt on this town – how great is that?!  We felt like kids coming home for the weekend and catching up on all the local drama.  Sidenote:  I hope “the dude” opened his taco stand because I love tacos.

For dinner we decided to start at the Acorn Pub within the Granville Inn.  I dressed up (slightly) and was quite content at the bar with my wedge salad and skinny cocktails.  A wedge salad doesn’t sound exciting, but this was a great one – and the skinny cocktails were unquestionably excellent.  Two drinks in and I couldn’t help but hear a pizza oven calling me…

Even the chilly walk in open-toed heels wasn’t enough to keep me from hightailing back down the street in anticipation of an open fire delivering hot, bubbly cheese goodness.  As soon as we walked in, Bella’s owner, Emily, greeted us like old friends.  The place was packed.  I knew where I wanted to be and asked if we could sit at the counter right in front of the pizza oven.  Oddly, no one was at the counter – it was the best seat in the house!  Our personal chef, Sean (not really, but it felt that way to us) tended the oven and we ate, drank and talked until we could barely sit on our stools.  It was the best time we’ve had in a long while and our new friends, Emily and Sean are the best.  Then came the best secret of all – they have a bar upstairs!  Once the restaurant closes, the dinner crowd leaves and everyone else heads upstairs for a nightcap – needless to say, we stayed for one more glass of wine and to buy our personal chef a much deserved drink.  It was a blast!

FYI:  Best hangover food – the apple fritter basket at the Granville Inn.

Don’t forget us Bella!  We’ll be back!

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Very soon we will be hosting an Open House for our private supper club!  I am so excited to finish the details and start cooking.  My favorite kind of shopping is choosing wines to complement the dishes that will be served and I am itching to find some Portuguese treasures!  The cuisine will include some Spanish and Portuguese food that many invited may not have tried before – wish us luck!

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