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It’s been a while since we have hosted any dinners at 1136 – sadly, our schedules have brought us to the decision to leave the loft and start fresh once things settle down.  A special thank you goes to all that supported us, our food and our vision.  Please continue to check the blog for upcoming news, commentaries, recipes and photos of the latest creations from Jon and his chef friends.

Lots of love and Portuguese Dreams!

Portuguese Dreams Recipe

6 extra large eggs

2 cups flour

1  cups milk

3 tbsp pumpkin puree mixed with 3 tbsp water

1/2 tsp salt

1/2  stick butter or margarine

Sugar and Cinnamon for topping

In a large heavy pan, place the milk, butter and salt over medium heat and bring to just before boiling point. Take off heat and stir in the flour, salt and pumpkin water.  Stir lightly with a wooden spoon until the flour becomes dough turning into a ball and separating from the sides of the pan.  Place into a medium bowl and beat in one egg at a time making a smooth batter.

 Fry the doughnuts in vegetable oil until golden brown keeping the heat at a steady temperature. Drain on a new clean brown paper bag or paper towels. While still hot place the dreams in a paper bag of sugar and cinnamon and shake.  Enjoy!

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On a recent shopping trip to Columbus, Ohio, we decided to stop through the German Village.  Initially, we were trying to avoid traffic and crowds, but with the heat index, it didn’t really matter where we went – it was miserable.  AND THEN it hit me – a sausage haus was calling my name.  First, we forgot the name of the place – then we got lost – and finally we saw the sign all the way down this tight little road nestled among the historic homes – Schmidts Sausage Haus und Restaurant.  Even if you’re not German, something happens to you when you enter the front doors and take in all that is steins and kraut.  Self-contraint aside, you need a Bahama Mama, a Schmidts beer and at last – ENTER THE MOTHER OF ALL CREAM PUFFS.

I start my diet tomorrow….

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It’s the beginning of summer but it’s been so hot, I am already drained from the heat and tired of watering my lawn.  My succulent plants however, are loving it!  I miss the Spring and even though I traveled A LOT, there were some good times…like beautiful Coronado.  I especially miss my morning walks along the bay, listening to the waves and passing joggers with their very well-behaved dogs.  Watching the fishermen get set up for their first cast and briskly walking to get my AM coffee only to stroll back slowly taking in the warm sun and cold breeze.  Along this path is Candelas – a wonderful Spanish-French restaurant – and Il Fornaio – an Italian restaurant that is just gorgeous!  In the evening, these places are bustling with activity, laughter wafting through the patio and lots of wine being poured.  In the morning, it’s serene and as the sun comes up it covers the buildings like a golden blanket – light pouring in the windows waking up the interior for a new day.  Here’s a pic so you can daydream with me…ENJOY!

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May 26

Our second tapas night was a HOT one!  Not only was it 90 degrees outside, we had lots of spicy samplings to fit the mood.  Thank goodness for the iced sangria to cool us off!  For those that made it, thank you for supporting us!

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Next Tapas Night on May 26

Join us on May 26 for a new set of Tapas to try and some House Sangria – new summer menus will be announced and our dear friend, Mike Glynn, will provide the entertainment.  Lots coming up at 1136…hope to see you there!

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Love = A Mexican Bakery

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April 28

Tapas night was a lot of fun in spite of the rain and cold and 2 flights of stairs to climb.  Our guests came with adventurous spirit and we took full advantage by feeding them dishes such as marinated octopus, wild boar salumi and pumpkin sorbet to name a few.  So far, our dinners are turning into a great combination of food experimentation and guests that pour their own wine!  I love it!

P.S. George-you still owe me the instruction of how to open a wine bottle with a shoe…

Stay tuned for upcoming dinner dates!

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Tapas Night at 1136!

To get the season going we are having a tapas night on Saturday, April 28.  For anyone not familiar with tapas – just think of it as lots of little dishes featuring foods from Spain, Portugal and Italy.  It should be a lot of fun at an affordable cost.  I can’t wait!

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March 10

  • 1136 celebrated it’s Preview Night on March 10 2012! Even though lots of work was involved, we couldn’t have been happier with the way it all turned out. We want to thank our guests for sharing such a special occasion with us and I hope everyone is excited for the upcoming events to be announced very soon! Note to self: Put the wine bottle down and take more pictures of the food next time!
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Congrats and best wishes to our friend, Chef Robert,  for the Grand Opening of One Bistro in Miamisburg!

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